Does Your Back Hurt When You Run? This Could Be Why

Running offers a fantastic way to lose weight and get in shape, building cardiovascular health as you move forward. Unfortunately, running can also lead to some problems, including injury. Are you feeling the burn in your back? One of these issues could be the reason.

1. You are running on the pavement.

If you tend to run on pavement or on a tilted surface, your back could be suffering as a result. This is because the leg muscles are building in an unbalanced manner, ultimately causing intense irritation. Fortunately, there is a solution for this type of injury. You can vary the type of terrain that you run on, changing to a trail or treadmill for your daily workout. This pushes the body to work harder as well, as you must do more work against the softness of the terrain.

2. The arches of your feet are weak.

When the arches of your feet are not high enough, your arches do not absorb the shock as efficiently as they should. Unfortunately, all too many shoes intended for running have too much cushion, ultimately weakening your feet rather than providing strength. You can solve the problem by purchasing shoes that work to provide height for that arch or by strengthening your feet by picking up items with your toes and lifting them. Additionally, walk around barefoot when you are at home.

3. Your core is weak.

One of the reasons your back could be hurting is that your abdominal muscles simply aren't strong enough to keep you running. In order to strengthen your abs, you can work on crunch variations and leg lifts. Otherwise, your back could suffer from strain and painful spasms.

4. You have weak glutes and hamstrings.

Strengthen those leg muscles by powering through more than just your runs. Spend a few days a week working on strength rather than cardio, developing stronger legs that will take you further and with less chance of injury. Walk around the house with ankle weights, start a squat routine, or start doing yoga for strength to see some changes in the way your back feels.

Think you have found the solution to your back ache? Awesome — get out there and hit the road! Haven't quite fixed the problem yet? Call your chiropractor to learn more about the potential causes of your back pain. It could require just a simple fix.