Everyday Things That Are Best To Avoid When You Have Neck Pain

Neck pain can dramatically reduce your mobility and even worsen your mood, making every day that you struggle with this common health issue a real challenge. It's a good idea to seek the care of a chiropractor as soon as you feel your neck pain coming on. Rapid treatment can not only prevent the issue from getting worse, but can also reduce the risk of future incidences of this discomfort. While you're in the care of a chiropractor and until your pain is gone, it's important to avoid activities that could worsen your pain. Here are some simple activities that you might not think to avoid, but that are best to stay away from.


On its own, driving won't necessarily worsen your neck pain, but there are certain instances in which this activity is less than ideal for those with this type of discomfort. When your neck is extremely sore, you'll have limited range of motion. This can be detrimental when it comes time to check over your shoulder before switching lanes, for example. Not checking is a driving risk, and checking may end up worsening your pain. Until your neck is healthy, try taking public transit or having a family member drive.

Lying In The Bath

A warm bath with Epsom salts can help sore muscles relax, but the position you find yourself in could be harmful to your neck. When you in the bathtub, your head and neck are typically propped up on the edge of the tub, which can often push your chin toward your chest and put a strain on the discs in your neck. Over a prolonged period of time, this posture could even risk herniating one of your discs, which could put pressure on your nerves and considerably worsen your pain. When it comes time to bathe, it's best to opt for a shower instead of a bath.

Working Out

Some forms of exercise are acceptable when you're dealing with neck pain, but you should always defer to your chiropractor to determine which exercises you should try. Don't just stick to your standard gym workout. Many exercises risk causing further pain to your neck. If you're performing push-ups or sit-ups, for example, each of these exercises can leave your neck unsupported and put you at risk of further pain. You should never resume your full workout until your chiropractor has indicated that doing so is safe, based on the health of your neck.